A family-owned and independent artisanal house since 1969, Rossato creates beautiful and functional objects that can be repaired and passed on from generation to generation.
The quality of the materials, combined with the exceptional know-how kept alive by its artisans, makes for sustainable creations characterised by timeless elegance.


Combining high aesthetic standards and functionality, Rossato is distinguished by the high quality of its creations, resulting from exceptional know-how, and by their adaptability. All over the world, the house’s repair workshops preserve the sustainability of these pieces, which develop a patina as they’re passed on from one owner to the next. Attentive to lean production, the house is committed to integrating the principles of circularity into its manufacturing process while engaging in research and development to design innovative alternative materials.


A responsible company, Rossato strives to limit its impact on the world while respecting nature, the source of its exceptional materials. In this regard, transparency, security and the local dimension of supply chains are the subject of particular consideration.


Rossato is very loyal to its industrial suppliers and has been so for more than twenty years on average for its 50 main direct suppliers. The stability of these partnerships, based on shared values, makes it possible to guarantee the security of the group’s supplies and ensure the essential traceability of materials.  Rossato sets up a third-party certification objective for each of its purchasing channels. The group’s 2024 objective is to have 100% of the textile and leather sectors certified.